Companion Animal Behavioural Consultations in Surrey & Hampshire

Pets Behaving Badly: Dog Behaviour Consultations in Surrey and Hampshire and the surrounding areas

Welcome to Pets Behaving Badly

A friendly and knowledgeable service providing companion animal behaviour consultations for cats, dogs and exotics, one-to-one training sessions and pet sitting services.

What is an Animal Behaviour Counsellor?

An Animal Behaviour Counsellor differs from a dog trainer in that they not only have practical experience in training and teaching dogs, but they also have post-graduate level academic experience of the ethology, psychology, neurophysiology, pharmacology, legal and welfare issues associated with a wide range of companion animal species and essential for assisting owners in treating their pet's behaviour problems

How can Pets Behaving Badly help you?

Pets Behaving Badly specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of companion animal behaviour problems. The term 'behaviour problems' conjures up unnecessary images of overtly aggressive or fearful animals. It should be understood that any behaviour that an animal exhibits that is undesired from the perspective of the animal, the owner or anyone in contact with the animal can be considered a ' behavioural problem'. This means behaviour problems range from inappropriate toileting, to jumping up at visitors.

In the treatment of behaviour problems it takes time to establish the cause and develop treatment plans that are suitable for the owner's circumstances.  As a provisional member of the APBC, Catherine Sutton represents a network of experienced behaviour counsellors who, on referral from veterinary surgeons, are able to offer the time and expertise necessary to achieve this objectives at an affordable cost.

In an issue of the Veterinary Times (Vol. 38, No. 34), British Small Animal Veterinary Association President Ed Hall recommended that due to the lack of regulation of pet behaviourists and dog trainers, clients with behavioural problems should be referred to "a competent behaviourist, such as a member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors"

About Pets Behaving Badly

Pets Behaving Badly is owned and run by Catherine Sutton who offers behaviour consultations for companion animals with problematic behaviours. Catherine uses up-to-date knowledge that utilises positive reinforcement techniques to resolve behavioural issues. Catherine is fully insured and well educated in the field of animal behaviour, applying her knowledge on a daily basis in helping to restore harmony between us and our pets.

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