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Why One-to-One Training?

People decide on private training sessions for many reasons:

Many people have work commitments and may be unable to attend a training class on a regular night each week.

Some owners feel very embarrassed at their dog's behaviour and feel this is a reflection of them as a person.

Some owners may have very specific problems-e.g. pulling on the lead or jumping up and often owners feel that attending a class with lots of other people their problems are less likely to get resolved.

Sometimes the distractions of a class situation can prove too stressful for you and your dog.

Other dogs may be too nervous or perhaps too aggressive to be integrated into a class.

A block of individual one-to-one training sessions allows for a more informative and personal breed-specific approach and for me to cover training and some basic behaviour which will be specific for your dog and their situation.


Please be aware that I train and educate you on how to train your dog. It would be easy for me to train your dog for you, but then it may only be obedient for me, not for you.

About One-to-One Individual Training Sessions

One-to-one training sessions usually last 1 hour, sometimes the choice of venue will be a matter of convenience (I come to you), other times it may be relevant to the training that is required.

Invariably the training is very much about you as well as your dog. You will be shown different ways to motivate your dog and the importance of timing for both reward and correction.

Sometimes after a few individual sessions (sometimes just one), it may be beneficial for you and your dog to join a class environment. Group classes offer real benefit for socialisation - getting your dog used to being out and about with other dogs.

Often a one-to-one with a new puppy will give a great foundation for any follow on training. Please contact Pets Behaving Badly to make an appointment.

Before I visit I ask that you complete a booking form and post or email it to me. A non-refundable deposit of £15.00 is also required to be sent along with the booking form in order to secure the session time.

Click here to download a one-to-one training session BOOKING FORM



One-to-One training sessions £60.00 per visit.
(includes approximately a 1 hour session, a clicker and handouts if necessary)


Cash or BACS upon completion of training session.